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Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals

Each week a portion of the magic contained within The Secret Art of Happiness will be sent to you. Practice is the key to incorporating these powerful lessons into your life and creating true and lasting happiness.

Dive into Happiness!

Follow along with the content of my upcoming book and get the delight of being a pioneer! You will be among the first people to see, first-hand, how crazy-powerful these meditations, Affirmation Ladders, and self-care exercises are for changing your life forever.

I am being completely serious here.

The processes in the book and the course are POWERFUL.

It is a life-changer.

This is not a surface patch. This is not about pushing anything down like UniKitty, only to explode later. No. this is the real deal. You defuse the time-bomb of anger, worry, criticism, worthlessness, and cruelty. For good.

With very easy and sublimely simple lessons, each week you will nudge yourself towards peace, faith, gratitude, self-care & meditation (worthiness), and kindness. The result is happiness.

The best part? It is FREE!

Yes, that is right!

This material was just TOO GOOD not to share in as many ways as I possibly could.

You will get access to:

  • a downloadable ebook on the affirmation ladders
  • a one page reference guide for the affirmation ladders
  • 52 emails filled with love
  • reminders to meditate and practice the material in the book
  • journalling prompts to increase gratitude
  • access to bonus content like meditations


a beautiful way to change

A Companion to the Book


The book contains somewhat different content from the e-course. Both are a beautiful way to incorporate these changes into your daily life.

That is what this is all about after all, giving you the information, tools, and practical resources you need to make happiness a permanent part of your life.

By returning again and again to the practices of gratitude, meditation, and affirmations, you get a huge opportunity to create the life you want to live.

If you enjoyed the book or the course, please consider sharing this site with someone you love. That, of course, helps me to build and develop new content, but it also may be a lifechanger for the person you share it with.