The book that changed my life


The Reiki Ideals will change your life.

Just five statements that will help you get rid of the stuff dragging you down and start bringing in more light!

Just for today:

do not anger;

do not worry;

be grateful for your many blessings;

do your meditative & self-care work honestly; and

be kind to every living thing (including yourself!).

Oh so simple! And yet, the inner-work of a lifetime.

In this transformative book, Geneva Robins, M.Sc., Reiki Master and Teacher, leads you through practical and meaningful meditations, journalling exercises and Affirmation Ladders that will build your happiness habits and make them part of your daily life.

This book was Divinely channeled by Geneva directly from Master Mikao Usui the founder of the Usui Reiki System. It answers the biggest question that Geneva had from her Reiki students, “How do I let go of anger and worry?” This book is a step by step guide to answer that deep question and yearning. In the process, happiness is the natural result.



Master Mikao Usui was the founder of Reiki and is my ever present spiritual guide. He lived in Japan from 1860 to 1925 and created the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing. I learned to channel his clear guidance after a series of experiences that opened up my connection to the divine. Mainly, I had to develop the needed desire to contact him, the belief I could do it, and the knowing that I was worthy to receive his wisdom directly.


When my students really incorporated the Reiki Ideals into their lives, they changed so profoundly that they were almost different people from week to week. The anger, worry, criticism, worthlessness, and cruelty that might have plagued them before were gradually replaced with peace, faith, gratitude, worthiness, and kindness. They were happier than they ever remember being.

And I was happier too. I found that living by the Ideals was not always easy, but being aware of these simple concepts shifted longstanding patterns of worry, fear, and anger within me. Happiness stopped being some elusive, out-there, far-away thing to be chased down and attained; it lived within me. I could access it, reliably, with the skills of Reiki and the daily application of the Reiki Ideals throughout my life.



Setting an intention is a step toward getting out of the way. You don’t need to know how you will get to your happy result; you just need to be willing to be taken on that journey — to be willing to make the tiny changes, tiny choices that will add up to a big difference in your life.

Know that you’re the most powerful person in your own life. Know that you’re worthy of Divine LOVE and affection. Know that powerful, positive changes are happening right NOW as you read this. Know that, as you follow your Soul’s voice, you will be guided to a wonderful new life. Know that every step on your journey so far has been necessary to get you to this point. Know that your positive intention can change your life. Indeed, it can change the whole world.



Today your life begins. Begins again. Restart. New chances. New changes.

Today is the day your life changes. Write down this date. Write down why you’re grateful that, on this very day, as you read this, your life changed for the better, and you never looked back.

Today is the day.



It is not the annihilation of anger we are seeking, just the ability to acknowledge the need behind the anger. Through the tools in this book, you will develop the ability to recognize when you are indulging in anger to avoid doing inner work, and you will gain the ability to choose when anger is appropriate and beneficial and when it is destructive.

Banishing anger altogether is not needed or even required. It may not even be possible or wise. Anger is part of our primal sensing apparatus. It helps us avoid and survive danger. To eliminate all angry impulses is nearly impossible, but you can do some very important things to decrease random angry moments, decrease your sensitivity to angry thoughts, and to see situations in advance that may trigger your anger, and learn ways of coping or avoiding these triggers altogether.

One tiny step at a time…


Start where you are! Work your way up to a set of strongly positive affirmations by a series of little steps.

The Affirmation Ladders provided in the book are a great tool to transform:

  • anger to peace;
  • worry to faith;
  • criticism to gratitude;
  • unworthiness to self-care; and
  • cruelty to kindness.

With powerful, shame-busting and life-affirming statements,

you acknowledge the truth of where you are and bit-by-bit shift your inner state to happiness.

How Affirmation Ladders work


I love using affirmations. I really do.

But I also know there are times when repeating these positive statements about peace and love are just downright annoying. If you are one of the people who feels like affirmations don’t work for you, it might be because the affirmation you are using is too different from what you usually think and feel.

Affirmations are just positive statements you repeat, so you can deliberately change your thoughts. Affirmation Ladders give you a way to honestly appraise where you are, right now, and give you a statement that will ease you upward towards peace.

With the Affirmation Ladders in this book, you can gradually work your way up to a more and more positive statement, with minimal emotional turbulence that might stall your progress.

The Affirmation Ladders allow you to assess where you are and then use the affirmation that will nudge you, ever so gently, up the ladder to the next rung.

For each of the Reiki Ideals, you get a new Affirmation Ladder.

Anger to Peace

Peace becomes me. I am peaceful, joyful, and loving.

I understand my true nature is joy.

Love is everywhere I look.

It is all around me all the time.

Love, peace, and understanding are always available to me.

Each breath I breathe is a new chance.

Peace is all around me, right around the corner.

I know where to look to find the answers I need.

Breathing in, I am love. Breathing out, I have time.

Every breath offers me a chance to change.

I take the time to know myself.

I know that I am loving and lovable.

I embrace my feelings with love and acceptance.

I know I can sort out the real issue below it all.

All my emotions are wise teachers.

I accept them as the lessons they are.

Clarity is all around me.

I am feeling angry and it is okay.

I know I can use the energy released by this angry experience for positive change.

I am feeling angry.

Although I am angry right now, I know this feeling will pass and I will get clarity on the real issue.

I am feeling really angry right now. Absolutely furious.

Even though I am so overcome with anger and rage right now, I am still a good person.

The Secret Art of Happiness: Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals

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Love, peace, and understanding are always available to me. Each breath I breathe is a new chance.