Many years ago I was cracked open by grief. So much grief. My dear aunt passed away suddenly, and two weeks later another uncle also passed. I miss them still. When I think of their physical absence there is deep, deep grief. So much loss. Because, despite my love, I’m looking where they are absent.

As long as I focus there, I’m stricken with the feeling of separation and loneliness. But through this intense experience, I healed and I learned to connect deeply to their eternal energy. I learned to speak with them and with angels, ascended masters, and other loved ones who crossed over.

Their absence, physically, is a permanent one. And as long as I am focused on that finality, I cannot feel them, nor connect deeply to their being-ness. They are lost to me — across a great chasm of loss and pain. As I hold on to these pain thoughts —they are gone forever, always absent, never again to see or hear them — then I hold myself in the bottom pit of that grief chasm. It’s eternal, that kind of pain.

But if I let go, really let go, feel and accept the grief, accept they are not there, then I rise.

My thoughts ascend and look elsewhere. I look for them where they may be. I begin to feel them near me. I catch faint scents of perfume, of smoke. I see signs of their ongoing consciousness — a tune on the radio, a random thought or memory, a feeling of closeness, a memory of a shared laugh, of a moment brought close to me by familiar circumstances.

A poetry of connection, of form and thought and vibration.

I look for them where they truly are, in spirit, in eternal consciousness, in closeness and thought. They are in a feeling and frequency in my heart. And when I can connect to that energy, in meditation, reflection, or quiet openness to the All-That-Is, then they are with me and I am with them. Inseparable.

I resonate with them at their current frequency, not mine, and then I can hear them, speak with them, ask them questions, and receive the answers. Answers that I did not have access to only moments before. Wisdom, perspective, and genius from their life experience and their current, beyond-life perspective. All that pours through me. Clear answers to clear and focused questions.

I feel like a lens or a microphone, gathering their energetic responses and understanding the message of the communication.

Its a grand interpretation of non-physical frequencies of thought and energy transmission — put into words and feelings and understanding.

The urgency of their communication is like a pressure, expansive, yet a pressure like gravity, pushing you into your seat at the moment of lift off on a plane flight. Seated perfectly still, I feel both pressure and expansion, openness and urgency.

It’s comfortable, yet powerful and high-frequency energy.

The communication of each message or thought-block is accompanied by a feeling of relief, or comfort and clarity. A feeling of ease, of a message heard and answered and understood. The feeling of a deep breath of relief.

There are many messages that come through me from multiple divine and spiritual sources with great and surprising clarity. I got comfortable with spirit communication by first speaking with people and beings I trust wholeheartedly, my grandma, my aunt and uncles, who are in spirit, my guides, guardian angels, Master Usui, Jesus, Ganesh, and Kuan Yin.

I spent time asking them all my thousands of questions, writing out my question and waiting for the response, and writing down what I ‘heard’ in my mind’s ear. I strove to leave the editing or modifying the message out and simply write down what I received as I got it with minimal interference.

I kept much of these discussions private at first.

Developing practice in communicating with spirit in the absence of confirmation or criticism or doubt was supremely useful. I began to understand how I was able to get the most accurate results. How I could enhance the connection and how I grew to trust the frequency and feeling of high vibratory responses.

The answers were full of love and guidance, warmth and clarity.

They brought me great peace and comfort and I was able to understand and observe my life from a greater perspective. Talking with loved ones and ascended being helped me stay in the witnessing aspect of my soul and gain great courage to conquer my fears, doubts and insecurities so I was able to create my Reiki courses, channel the first of many books and also open the LunaHolistic centre.

All very bold undertakings for a girl who used to hide behind her mom’s knees when the doorbell rang.

I overcame my shyness, my self-defeating thinking, and my limiting dialogue. I gained courage each time I would follow my guidance and the divine communication. Each time I would trust my work, my faith, and my connection to spirit, I was richly rewarded with positive results.

Not only was I able to use my gifts to help myself, but more and more I was able to help others.

tap into a Divine perspective and see things from a different, more helpful, direction.

The shift in perspective is profound, important, and creates magical leaps forward for my students, clients, and myself. By focusing on the soul, and its indelible connection to all of life, the whole of the Universe, to the flow of Source energy, Divine compassion, and endless, eternal love and life-force energy, we get to leap past the trap of 3D thinking.

We are able to see solutions where once there was only blocks and barriers.

We get this incredible opportunity to tune into something older, wiser, more ancient than any of us could even imagine. And when we so that, the flow of energy, healing, vitality, and purpose that is unleashed is truly life-changing and miraculous.

There is such a deep and affirming expansion of positivity and love and peace that is freed up when you connect to the power of your soul.

It’s incredible, wonderful, amazing. It lights me up and brings so much joy to me to get to help people in this profound and soul-affirming way with Intuitive Readings.

It’s so joyful and touching to witness another person expand right before your eyes. To witness them connect deeply to their own well-being, to Source energy, and their departed loved ones.

I get to facilitate and teach people to connect to their own energy and intuition and all their Divine Team. I get to be that Divine microphone, an amplifier and interpreter of the energy, thought-forms, and messages that are being sought.

I help people clearly hear the messages they are already receiving, but maybe don’t completely understand.

When I was first beginning my journey into channelling and mediumship, I disclosed to a friend that I talked to dead people. She astutely replied, “Well, we all talk to dead people, but you listen to them!” Its true!

I’m a great listener. I’ve learned to listen to very subtle and complex thought-forms and energetic communication.

I listen deeply to the Divine and I practice my translation of the messages into English. I’ve gained comfort and confidence in my ability to reliably connect to frequencies beyond the normal range of perception.

I hear what you can feel. And I can put words to frequencies that you are receiving but perhaps not completely understanding.

It’s no magic trick. It’s a skill that I’ve cultivated and taught myself how to do. It’s something anyone can learn to do as well.

It takes time, dedication, practice, willingness, surrender, empathy, vibrational frequency shifting (that you can learn through many spiritual traditions including Reiki), and a deep belief in the ongoing presence of consciousness that survives physical death.